Presentations From The Illinois Reading Conference

Presentations From the LDA International Conference in San Antonio

Resources for Teachers

Teachers have found that students enjoy reading this fast-paced inspirational book. The following resources are provided: Prereading Activity, Vocabulary and Definitions, Journal Entry Form, and Discussion Questions.

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Eileen and Kathy make formal presentations at Special Education conferences about self-advocacy, self-awareness, and life skills. Copies of their presentation, Eileen’s life skills, and resources to teach strategies are provided.

Activities To Teach Students About Successful People Who Have Learning Differences

Students are motivated to learn about famous or successful people with learning disabilities. Here are lists of famous people who have learning differences or ADHD. Students can be asked to research one of these individuals and write a report using these notetaking forms. Inviting successful people from your community to speak to your students and parents can be very meaningful. Most speakers prefer to have advance notice of the questions they may be asked so a list that they can be given is provided.

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